Welcome to Texas Pony Of the Americas

Texas POAC was established in 1964 and continues to provide family friendly and fun show venue for members and exhibitors of Ponies of the Americas. 

We are a youth organization catering to families and children. The club strives to provide an avenue of participation that is wholesome and family oriented and encourages the development of an outstanding breed.

Texas POAC also offers IBC Shows that allow non-registered POA's to compete at our sanctioned events for year-end club awards and prizes.  Please see our Events Page for a detailed listing on upcoming shows! Our shows are also PAC approved by various breed organizations. 

Join Texas POAC today for a great family friendly and fun horse show environment for your family!  We are staving to provide you with a great all-around show experience.  JOIN>>>

Our Mission

To record and preserve the pedigree of the Pony of the Americas while maintaining the integrity of the breed. To provide beneficial services for its members which enhance and encourage ownership and participation of Pony of the Americas. To generate growth of Texas POAC membership via the marketing, promotion, advertising and publicity of the POAC.

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Texas POAC is a 501c (5) - Non Profit Organization.